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The house has real rooms inside.

In mid April we went over again to see how things were going. It was amazingly hot for the season. We found the site had been deserted for 3 weeks. The plastering was finished, the concrete floors laid, and the builder was still waiting for the missing tiles to arrive. Plastered, and with floors done, the rooms looked like rooms you could live in, not just spaces. We took lots of photos.

The next day we discussed dozens of points with Steve and Abel, deciding on shelving, wardrobes, cupboards, the design of the doors, the hall windows, the "architectural feature"(a stone-faced wall), the bore hole etc, and visiting other houses to see what was possible. We were so totally exhausted at the end of the day that we collapsed into bed without supper (not a real hardship, since we'd eaten so well at lunchtime).

Nevertheless we continued the next day, choosing types of wood, front doors, dooor handles, and taking the first tentative steps towards the garden design. We went away with a long list of things to decide on, such as the kitchen design. No sooner had we left than the builders returned and put the facing on the feature wall.